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Topside Inspection
Oil & Gas Pipelines
Conductors corrosion at the splash zone
Corrosion on Water and Wastewater Infrastructures

ENGCORR is a leading expert specialized in engineering corrosion control. With our extensive expertise in cathodic protection engineering and cutting-edge technology, we offer comprehensive services for both offshore and onshore assets. Our range of corrosion control solutions includes cathodic protection design calculations, assessment, surveys, installation, commissioning, pipeline potential attenuation modeling, topside inspection, remote monitoring, and test station installation.


We possess a wealth of global experience in cathodic protection engineering, catering to impressed current and sacrificial systems. Our solutions are designed to safeguard various types of onshore and offshore structures such as platforms, pipelines, vessels/tanks, heater treaters, docks, subsea equipment, and other assets exposed to aggressive environment. Our highly skilled engineering team is proficient in providing cathodic protection services for new field development projects, as well as retrofit solutions for asset life extension and repair purposes.



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