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ENGCORR is a corrosion control specialist company with extensive know-how in cathodic protection engineering and technology for shallow and deepwater assets. We provide full services of offshore corrosion control, including cathodic protection design, assessment, installation, commissioning, pipeline potential attenuation modeling, inspection, remote monitoring and mechanical & structural engineering design.


We have worldwide experience in cathodic protection engineering for both impressed current and sacrificial systems to protect various types of offshore structures including platforms, pipelines, vessels/tanks, heater treaters, docks, subsea equipment and other submerged equipment. Our engineering team provides cathodic protection services for new field development assets and retrofit solutions for life extension and repair purposes.

Looking for corrosion experts for your facilities? Contact us to see what we can do to alleviate your assets corrosion issue and maintain your structure's integrity.

We are the right partner for quality engineering consultancy, project support and cost-effective solutions of your corrosion issues.



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