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Managing and maintaining the sustainability and integrity of the assets in the water treatment plants, wastewater, chemical, and energy infrastructures exposed to corrosive environments such as underground, seawater, production fluids, bacteria, and high temperatures is the core focus of our corrosion and cathodic protection team. Our engineers provide optimal solutions for both existing installations with end-of-life protection systems and new infrastructures.

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      Cathodic Protection Design

CP Descriptions

Cathodic Protection (CP) has been widely recognized as a highly effective method for mitigating offshore corrosion, often employed alongside coating or painting systems. By utilizing the cathodic polarization of metallic surfaces, CP works to minimize oxidation reactions (corrosion) on protecting materials through sacrificial or impressed current anode systems. Properly designed CP systems have consistently demonstrated the ability to significantly enhance the life expectancy of offshore structures. 

At ENGCORR, our corrosion team possesses extensive expertise in designing both sacrificial and impressed current CP systems for various infrastructures exposed to soil and water. Our designs adhere to client standards, international codes, industry regulations, and are informed by our years of experience in the field. Each component of the CP system is meticulously selected to ensure optimal performance throughout its operational lifespan.  

Our CP engineering consultancy services encompass the entire project life cycle, from the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase to the execution stage. Our comprehensive offerings include:

  • Pre-Design Feasibility Study: We conduct a thorough assessment to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing a CP system for your infrastructure.

  • Conceptual Detailed Design: Our team develops a detailed design plan that considers specific project requirements and incorporates industry best practices.

  • Designed System Analysis: We perform in-depth analysis and simulations to assess the performance and effectiveness of the CP system design.

  • General Arrangement/Layout Drawings: We create detailed drawings that illustrate the arrangement and layout of CP system components.

  • Reports: We deliver comprehensive reports summarizing the design process, analysis, and recommendations for the implementation of the CP system.

      Installation and Commissioning

Our corrosion team consists of highly experienced professionals in the oilfield, equipped with the necessary qualifications and certifications to oversee and execute the installation of test stations and both Sacrificial and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (SACP & ICCP) systems. With their expertise, our team conducts thorough inspections and troubleshoots ICCP systems, including transformer rectifiers, electrical cables, and all other components, ensuring precise and accurate installations. Our personnel undergo rigorous safety training and adhere to proper procedures to lead and operate the installation and commissioning of CP system equipment in a safe and secure manner.


      Potential Attenuation Modeling

One of the specialized capabilities of our team is the computational modeling of potential distribution along a pipeline that undergoes cathodic polarization with one or multiple equally spaced anodes. We employ various approaches, including industry codes such as ISO 15589-2 and DNV-RP-F103, to assess potential attenuation. The ISO procedure provides insight into the current and potential distribution from the drain point, while the DNV approach determines the maximum distance between consecutive drain anodes to ensure cathodic protection of the pipeline.

Additionally, we can utilize Boundary Element Modeling and mathematical equation computations to evaluate the potential distribution along the pipeline. This enables us to provide modeling assessment engineering for different pipeline configurations. At ENGCORR, we possess the necessary expertise and tools to deliver comprehensive modeling solutions for our clients' specific needs.

Pipeline Attenuation Potential
Pipeline Attenuation Potential 5.JPG

For further information or inquiries about our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We would be delighted to discuss how we can assist you and explore the solutions we can provide for your specific needs. Contact us now to learn more about our offerings and how we can support you.

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