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Our ingenious people with a variety of skills are our main resources. Ensuring their safety with zero-tolerance policy, happiness, equity and collaboration is a goal we strive to achieve and hence, allowing the mind's creativity and innovation to be brought out.


We apply the science & technology to every job we undertake, combining with proven experience to overcome corrosion challenges. All of our deliverables are rigorously reviewed and approved through a chain of command to ensure outstanding results for our clients.


We are in favor of opening up to the world by promoting and maintaining a multicultural working environment. Our work place is built for the international community or people united with the same objectives and passion: CORROSION CONTROL OF ASSETS.

Business Brainstorming meeting

We strive to build an international environment for the daily wellbeing of our employees and develop leaders in our core business. Furthermore, we strategically invest in our employees by providing specific training programs for skills and knowledge development in multiple field of our core business. This allows us to have world class level experts qualified and certified to provide innovative and competitive services.

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