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Offshore facilities require periodic inspections to track the CP system polarization, metal corrosion and the coating/painting degradation level. In general, timely inspections are required by regulations, aiming to ensure that the integrity of assets is in good condition, can operate properly, and in accordance with all safety requirements.

Site visit inspection

The field inspection services we offer are:

      Corrosion Control:

This is a topside level 1 inspection or a non-destructive inspection method that includes visual observation of the facility protective coating and the  metal structure degradation conditions.

      Corrosion Coupon:

This includes design, installation, data acquisition, real time monitoring and analyzing corrosion coupon data.

      Cathodic Protection system:

This is a non-destructive inspection method that includes visual, testing, polarization readings (including potential, voltage, current and electrical continuity), and troubleshooting of all the topside CP system equipment, interference and the potential readings.

Splash zone corrosion
Pipeline Attenuation Potential 6.JPG

If you require more  information, contact us today to see what we can do for you. Also, If you have any need for field services that we do not have listed, please contact us so we may devise a service specific to your needs.

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