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From upstream to downstream, ENGCORR  has a wealth of knowledge and experience in solving corrosion problems of metallic structures. We are committed to provide excellent services and products to our customers.


Engineering Plans

Our engineering and R&D team offer a wide range of external corrosion prevention services and can handle multiple aspects of corrosion, including cathodic protection design for new assets and retrofit. Our engineers have worked around the world in corrosion, cathodic protection and surveys projects.



Our field technicians have an international experience in installation, repair and maintenance of the equipment for corrective, preventive and proactive interventions. Our technicians are usually supported remotely by the engineers and other experts. They have the knowledge to recommend the best practices to clients to benefits the optimal performance of an equipment. 


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We propose products portfolio of anodes, pipe supports, polarization monitoring, permanent and temporary emergency leak repair kits. Some of our products are in-house engineered and others are from accredited manufacturers. All products are tested and QA/QC rigorously to ensure our clients get an excellent and high quality product with outstanding performances.  

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